Behavior intervention services

​Your child is eligible for Behavior Intervention Services if they are between the ages 2 and 22 years and have been diagnosed with one of the following:

  •      Autism Spectrum Disorder

  •      Intellectual Disability (Global Delays)

  •      Cerebral Palsy

  •      Down Syndrome

  •      Monosomy

These services include the teachings of Applied Behavior Analysis in practice and in theory to produce a decrease in the observation of challenging behaviors.  Additionally, replacement behaviors or skills will be taught to reduce the need for challenging behaviors.  The duration of Behavior Intervention Services averages six months.  Families may receive consultation visits up to once per week in the family’s home or the community.  Program hours will vary dependent on the client’s needs as well as the nature of the challenging behaviors observed.  Parent participation and attendance are integral components of Behavior Intervention Services.  Throughout the assessment and treatment period, homework and behavior data are assigned.